Toile and Patterns

The Pattern

We create a bespoke digital pattern for all your garments no matter if its a shirt, jacket, pants or vest. We do this to ensure your final garment is perfect, and when you purchase more johnjohny garments, we can make you the perfect garment again and again. Not only that if there are minor changes to be made we can easily make them for each garment. 

The Toile

In addition to the pattern process outlined above in some circumstances we also produce a full toile. The toile (pronounced ‘twahl’) is a trial or test garment that we make to ensure that the styling is correct, and your final garment will be just right when it arrives.

The toile ensures we have things like shoulder width, length, and the circumferences perfect, and because this is all created from a digital pattern once its right we can recreate it exactly time and time again.

We mainly use this process when we are working with our premium fabrics and products. Although if you think your fit is a bit tricky talk to us about a toile.