There are basically three different types of suit: the American, the British and the European. What’s the difference? And more importantly, which one is right for you?

The American is better for larger men and this style is characterised by either the 2-button or 3-button, single-breasted jacket and the plain front trousers.The jackets are fuller and some would say “boxier” than the British or European jackets. A 3-button jacket visually elongates the body if you have a heavier frame, thereby making you appear taller and thinner.

The British suit is more flattering on men with an average build. The shape of the British styled suit follows the line of the body quite closely, If you have an average build, especially if you are tall, a British suit will look great on you.

The European is characterised by a closer cut, sharper shoulders, as well as a shorter length. Typically, the European style is a single-breasted, 2-button with slim-cut trousers which looks good on the smaller, more petite man.