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Because one of our lucky customers is! Just another reason to be a johnjohny business or casual shirt subscription customer, heres 5 more;

 1 Its too easy

Just simple monthly payment and boom your shirts just start arriving

2 Every shirt is made to fit you perfectly

Every johjohny shirt is custom made, made to measure specifically for the person we are making for. 

3 Oh sooo comfortable

All our shirt are at least 100% cotton some are egyptian cotton and some even have a silk blend

4 Credit card pain removed

Our simple subscription shirt products mean you just pay a low monthly fee and your shirts just start arriving

5 Yes you guessed it!

Never be forced to hit the mall again and shop for a shirt every other bloke in town is wearing, that doesn’t quite fit right.

So don’t wait around and get on board.

Visit https://www.johnjohny.com/subscription-shirts/ For more information

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