Our philosophy is about creating legacy. To achieve this, the cut, fabric and construction of your suit needs to reflect who you are. The first two you can see, the third you can’t.


The Cut

The cut and style of your suit should always reflect you. Today’s style is a softer look, fitting your form and functioning superbly.


The Fabric

We have hunted high and low to source quality 100% natural fabrics and craft tailors that quite simply, make garments that last.

All our business wear is constructed from as much natural fabric as possible. Natural fabrics last longer, breathe better and are more comfortable to wear. We are best in breed and our preferred fabrics are wool (suiting), cotton (shirting), horsehair (jacket interlining) and Bemberg Cupro (suit lining).


The Construction

Quality fabrics aren’t enough to achieve superb styling. You must have leading craftspeople cut, sew and fit your garments. We have met with hundreds of tailors to find the gems who are passionate about quality clothing that fits and lasts and lasts.

We go the extra mile to demand quality finishes, such as:

  • Full (not half) canvas construction for our suit jackets
  • Fully lined suit pants
  • Full Bemberg Cupro lining on all suit jackets


And ... Affordability

As a premium producer of fine garments, johnjohny’s prices reflect the commitment to lead the industry on quality. Invest in a johnjohny garment and start your legacy.