Always look fresh in one of our 4000 shirting fabrics. Whether it be a job interview, a date, coffee on Saturday morning or 9-5 weekdays, a johnjohny shirt subscription means your always ready for all occasions.

Clean crisp whites, blues and subtle checks, lilac and even pink are classic staples in the current shirt wardrobe. Able to be worn with jeans, chinos or the classic suit. All these shirts were individually made to our customers requests and size. All are 100% cotton and come with a johnjohny fit guarantee.

Below you’ll see a sample of the currently more popular fabrics.



100% Cotton

We are passionate about ensuring our clothes are made from quality natural materials. We work with the best fabric providers from here in NZ to those in Europe and Asia. Our shining providers include our own brand of egyptian cotton, Monti (one of the world’s best shirting fabric), and Soktas from Turkey known for its softness and sustainability. Wearing 100% cotton means:

  • Softer and more comfortable
  • Allows the shirt to mould to your body shape
  • Breathes and and dries
  • Cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • No static cling

Style and Fit

We love shirts its may well be the thing we do best (although in truth we think we are pretty darn good at everything). When it come to styling a shirt there are lots of things to consider but the most important is always fabric, then cut. We make shirts you love and work with you to ensure both the best looking and the most comfortable shirt.

Because we make all our shirts from actual garment measurements and patterns small tweaks and adjustments are super easy and you can request them anytime either through our “Adjust my shirt” portal or simple by emailing us.