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Can I just buy a shirt or socks, but not subscribe?

Yes, you can. We are in the process of  creating this option in our website, but in meantime, just send us a quick email to [email protected] and we can sort this out for you.

Can I buy a shirt or sock subscription as a gift?

Yes absolutely, and it’s actually a very popular present. It’s easy to do. At the checkout page, just enter your name and address for the billing details and the name and address of the person you gifting to in the delivery details. If you would like a personal note added, please add it in the notes section of the checkout page.

Remember to use you own sign in details for your johnjohny account and keep them confidential as you’ll then have the ability to cancel, restart and make other purchases from your account.

How do you get my measurements?

For socks, this is pretty easy, just let us know whether you’d like a medium or large size. For shirts, there are two ways:

  • Send us your best fitting shirt: We’ll get you to send us a shirt that fits you (we will send you a return courier ticket). We’ll then ask you to fill out a quick 2 minute online survey on how the fit is and any changes it needs. Please note, we do not copy the shirt, we have our own patterns and styles. We only use the shirt for measurement and it should be back to you in a few days. Please note if you are overseas we will return your shirt with your first shirt and due to the delays in shipping, the process will take a little longer than for our local customers.
  • You take the measurements: We have an online measurement tool and you simply enter the measurements yourself. It has all the instructions you need. It is actually surprisingly easy and we find it takes most customers 15-20 minutes to complete. We will sense check the measurements. If needed we are happy to send you a tape measure in case you don’t have one!

Our customer service is available 6 days per week, and we are based in Auckland, New Zealand. You can get in touch if anything is difficult or confusing.

When will my shirt arrive?

A shirt is added to the next manufacturing run as soon as your subscription payment is received. Once your shirt is added to our manufacturing queue, it should be delivered within two to three weeks.

When will my socks arrive? 

We ship socks at the beginning of each week (unless you also have a shirt subscription, in which case, we ship them together). As soon as your subscription payment is received your sock order is queued and it should be delivered within a week.

Is it easy to cancel my subscription?

It sure is! And don’t worry, we don’t have any “retention teams” pressuring you to stay. There are two ways to cancel, do it yourself through your account on our website, or just email us (we love hearing from you even if it’s to cancel) and we will do it for you.

What if there’s something wrong with one of my shirts or socks?

The answer is simple, we sort it out! We will remake your shirt if you are unhappy with it for any reason. If you don’t like your socks or the fit isn’t right, just return them and we’ll supply another pair.

Can I track my order?

Yes, our New Zealand customers can track and change delivery information after a shipment has left. Notifications will be sent via email and text notification when your garments are being shipped.

Unfortunately international orders are a little more tricky. Please contact us if you have any concerns as to the whereabouts of any orders. Where possible, we do provide tracking information on international orders.

What material is my shirt made from?

All johnjohny shirts are made from 100% cotton. We use natural fibres in our shirting as your shirt will breathe, drape better and basically be more comfortable to wear. We are exploring some new(ish) fabrics that are a bit more sustainable and take less energy to produce, but today we use 100% cotton fabric for our shirts.

What are my socks made from?

We endeavour for all our garments to be constructed from as much natural fibre as possible. Our socks are made predominantly from merino wool, with a very small amount of elastin for stretch.

Where are my shirts made?

Today, we design your shirts in New Zealand, but we sew them in Vietnam. We have worked with our shirt manufacturer for 6 years. They are like part of our family and of course, fair trade practices are followed. We are also exploring an NZ-made product, watch this space!

Are johnjohny socks made in New Zealand?

They sure are! We have a relationship with a wonderful NZ sock manufacturer. Our socks are made from merino wool, and are NZ designed and made.

What happens to my shirt at the end of its’ life?

We reinvent your shirt into a babywear. As your shirt is made from 100% cotton, it is perfect to make baby gowns and bibs. We donate these to local charities to help families in need.