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Its not just about styling and preference there are some practicable issues to think about as well…

For a start your work environment, if you work constantly at a computer or at a desk then cuff link can become quite annoying getting caught and scratching desks and laptops. That said there is no doubt Double Cuffs are more formal and can set you and your personality apart. There are loads of options for cuff links and when warn properly under a jacket its a very smart look for the big meeting or job interview. 

However Button cuffs also have some advantages i.e. when working at the desk all day, or perhaps its time to roll the sleeves up for that afternoon beer, button cuffs are far easier to roll and tend to look a bit nicer as they don’t have so much bulk. Button cuffs are definitely a more casual look but still plenty acceptable for most thing we get up too, and in addition right now Button Cuffs are slightly more on trend….

Personally I have both in the wardrobe and will where either depending on what clean and iron and then what i have on that day. Although I am always in double cuff when I am dressing to impress!


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