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Button Cuff

Double or Button Cuff

Some guys love double cuffs, others hate them! Check out when to wear them and when a button cuff might be more appropriate…

Salmon Tie Grey Notch Lapel Suit Jacket

Style Tip – Ties

Let’s talk ties. Here at johnjohny, we embrace and recommend four types of ties. There’s the Four in Hand Necktie, the tie we guarantee you know, it’s the classic. The Seven Fold Tie, comparable to the Four in Hand Necktie, however sports a thicker look because of the, yes indeed, seven folds. Then, there’s my young son’s […]

Black Tuxedo Rolled Collar Bow Tie Flower Pocket Square

Want cost effective evening wear?

If you are a person who would only wear a tuxedo once a year, then save yourself some money and buy a suit which can be styled as evening wear. To get the most use out of it, choose a dark navy or black fabric. Opt for a peak lapel which is dressier than the […]

Style Tip – Vest or No Vest?

A 3-piece suit is one that includes a vest (or waistcoat) in addition to the suit jacket and trousers. This is one of the most formal styles of business wear when worn altogether, second only to the double breasted suit. As a more formal style, most men today would not wear all 3 pieces every […]

Style Tip – More on lapels

Ok, so now that you know what lapel type you want (notch, peak or shawl), how wide do you want the lapel to be? There are three typical widths: wide (10-11cm), medium (8-9cm) and narrow (6-7cm). The really wide lapel is not terribly popular at the moment. To be on style, we recommend choosing a lapel […]

Style Tip – Lapels

I love the detailing in a jacket lapel. The type of lapel you choose is one of the main distinguishing features of a suit or sports jacket. There are three predominant styles: the notch, the peak or the shawl.The notch lapel (refer to main image) is an open style, and is sometimes referred to as a stepped […]

Derby or Oxford?

Blog Content Ok … what’s the difference between a derby and an oxford? The oxford has a closed lacing system (i.e. see the darker brown shoe), meaning that the eyelet facings are stitched underneath the front section of the shoe (aka the vamp). A derby has an open lacing system (i.e. the lighter brown shoe) […]