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We’ve got you covered

Whether it’s a suit for formal function, casual after work drinks, or your mate’s wedding, johnjohny’s got you covered.

Black Tuxedo Rolled Collar Bow Tie Flower Pocket Square

Want cost effective evening wear?

If you are a person who would only wear a tuxedo once a year, then save yourself some money and buy a suit which can be styled as evening wear. To get the most use out of it, choose a dark navy or black fabric. Opt for a peak lapel which is dressier than the […]

Gala Season Is Here … What Will You Wear?

Spring Is Here … the perfect time to overhaul your wardrobe and it’s the perfect time to find something special for the Gala season! Look Great and Feel Great with johnyjohny formal wear.  

Be an Ambassador for Your Personal Brand

Ok, what’s a personal brand and should you care about it? Is it a bit cheesy? It’s true … there are those that really care about this, and those that care less, but in truth its something we all have so its probably at least worth understanding it – right? Your personal brand is all […]

Style Tip – Socks

Dave Barry said, “I have always dressed according to certain Basic Guy Fashion Rules, including: both of your socks should always be the same color, or they should at least both be fairly dark.” This sums up how a lot of guys feel about socks, but here’s a quick tip … take some time to […]