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Button Cuff

Double or Button Cuff

Some guys love double cuffs, others hate them! Check out when to wear them and when a button cuff might be more appropriate…

4 Suit Fashion Killers

Jacket length – Yes there is a right length, it can vary a little based on size and shape but a good starting point is to have your arms at rest by your sides and the jacket should be around your thumb knuckle. 
Trying too hard – Suits are classic items, although they do change

Black Tuxedo Rolled Collar Bow Tie Flower Pocket Square

Want cost effective evening wear?

If you are a person who would only wear a tuxedo once a year, then save yourself some money and buy a suit which can be styled as evening wear. To get the most use out of it, choose a dark navy or black fabric. Opt for a peak lapel which is dressier than the […]

Style Tip – Socks

Dave Barry said, “I have always dressed according to certain Basic Guy Fashion Rules, including: both of your socks should always be the same color, or they should at least both be fairly dark.” This sums up how a lot of guys feel about socks, but here’s a quick tip … take some time to […]

Super 120 Wool Threadcount

Does Super mean it’s super?

Understanding suit fabrics is actually not as complicated as it may seem. When you’re next speaking to a hoity toity shop assistant, there are two key measurements that count. The S number  This is basically a number indicating the fineness of the wool  – the higher the number, the more fine the wool. The S number originated […]