4 Suit Fashion Killers

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  1. Jacket length – Yes there is a right length, it can vary a little based on size and shape but a good starting point is to have your arms at rest by your sides and the jacket should be around your thumb knuckle. 
  2. Trying too hard – Suits are classic items, although they do change it tends to be more gradual and about the smaller details than other clothing items. We see it all the time some guys just want to be fashion designers and they go after it with some crazy suits. Little tip stay away from angled pockets, they never stay in for long if they are actually ever in and make a suit look like it’s from Thailand
  3. Everybody has their thing about pants and how they like them, the most important thing is they fit. Look out for extra bag around the thighs. Its where off the rack makers pack extra fabric to make them feel comfortable and fit a wider range of guys.
  4. Learn to tie a tie, a Windsor knot is super easy once you know how there are loads of online Tutorials….Really there is No excuse!

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