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Button Cuff

Double or Button Cuff

Some guys love double cuffs, others hate them! Check out when to wear them and when a button cuff might be more appropriate…

4 Suit Fashion Killers

Jacket length – Yes there is a right length, it can vary a little based on size and shape but a good starting point is to have your arms at rest by your sides and the jacket should be around your thumb knuckle. 
Trying too hard – Suits are classic items, although they do change

Just really bloody excited!

Wow 2017 was massive for us we rebranded, reviewed and overhauled our manufacturing processes, and increased our product range.

All that work was done so we could get into 2018 ready to launch the fun stuff….

We won’t give it all away here but heres a couple of teasers of things

Beautiful Black Rolled Collar Tuxedo


Heading to a wedding? Don’t worry… we’ve got you covered.

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