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Check out johnjohny’s Collections

With such a variety of great garments on offer, we don’t understand how you could even consider not getting measured. Check out johnjohny’s Collections to find out more.

Pick and choose

Tom Ford once said, “Style is more than anything else, it is an expression of personal choice.” Personally pick and choose each detail and look great in a tailor-made piece by johnjohny.

Beautiful Black Rolled Collar Tuxedo


Heading to a wedding? Don’t worry… we’ve got you covered.

Every man what??

Every man needs a great tailor made suit in their wardrobe. You don’t wanna be stuck before a work function with the urge to look great but the time for a rental that hardly fits. Come get fitted and have your suit arrive with time to spare.  

Just a quick bio.

My name’s John. I started this company 4 years ago. During that time we’ve not only worked hard to perfect the suit making process, but worked hard to create a great experience for you the customer. I’m really proud of how far we’ve come and I know that you won’t be disappointed with our product. […]