Some suits fit well, others don't.

I had two johnjohny suits arrive last week … they look and feel amazing. The all natural fibres make a real difference keeping me cool on my walk to work.

Adam, Solicitor

Custom Shirts

A johnjohny shirt is not just any shirt.

My shirts are great … they fit perfectly. The subscription works well, my new shirts are delivered to me every two months.

Richard, Solicitor

Formal Wear

Clothes do make the man.

 I am the proud owner of a stunning and classically designed tux that will last me for years.

Greg, CEO

Handmade Shoes

Shoes that fit like a glove.

My johnjohny shoes are so comfortable, I wear them all the time.

John, Business owner

Made-to-Measure Casuals

Clothing that makes you feel special.

I haven’t had clothes bring a smile to my face for years.

Malcolm, Director